Job Search



Learn how to draft an eye-catching resume and all the content you should include to highlight your accomplishments and experience.

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Cover Letter

A cover letter is an introduction to your resume and allows you to describe why you are interested in a job and why should you be hired.

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Thank You Letter

Show appreciation to your interviewers you and make yourself stand out from the rest of the job applicants by sending a thank you letter.



Prepare for your next interview by reviewing "interview etiquette" and dress codes guides. Practice your answer to sample interview questions.

doing work together


Learn what an internship is, how it can help you as a student and how it can prepare you for a career. View our list of available internships for you!

Professional Skills

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Elevator Pitch

Do you have a one-minute speech about yourself? Create your own "elevator pitch" to use when you meet new people or potential employers!

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Public Speaking

Are you afraid of public speaking?
Do you want to better prepare your speeches? Practice makes perfect. Check out our public speaking tips!

Networking Event


Whether you are an extrovert that loves meeting new people or an introvert with a close friend group, ​here are some networking tips that will help you connect with people!

Personal Skills



How do you manage stress?
Learn how to cope with school and your personal life and how to make smart decisions that will work for you.

Researching and Writing

Study Tips

Whether is taking notes, memorization techniques or effective writing, take advantage of these college study tips and prepare for your next test!

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Time Management

Bye-Bye procrastination.
Take a look at some time management techniques that can help you plan ahead and get you ready for college.